About Trip Igniter

TripIgniter magazine’s mission is to inspire you, make you dream and help you discover the life and people of the world. In our favourites, the editorial team offers you dream trips, presents you dream stopovers. TripIgniter invites you to embark on a journey to our desires of Elsewhere. In Europe, Asia, Africa or to faraway destinations, TripIgniter.com is a traveling planet that loves charm as much as extreme luxury.



The magazine that makes you want to travel close to home as if you were on the other side of the world. Sensitive reports where journalists not only show, inform and explain, but also relate their travel experience. In short, it’s a real-life experience instead of the pretty glossy paper that sometimes bears its name too well.


The magazine that looks at unlikely destinations, the galleys that spice up travel, travellers who have found their Eldorado, architecture in all its forms, cuisine to suit all tastes, up-and-coming photographers, and little-known notebook writers.


Books, music, movies. Objects: travel accessories, souvenirs or invitations to travel. The portrait of a pipole who loves to travel and rarer who has something to say on the subject. Food. What am I going to eat? This is a question that every traveller asks himself. An opportunity to review the world’s food.

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